Web Design in Five Simple Steps

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Web Design in Five Simple Steps

Web Design can be a complicated process, but if you follow these 5 steps, you are on the way to making it simple and easy.

Obviously you have made a decision that your business needs a website. All new web designs require  careful planning, development and last but not least web design process. You have numerous options at your disposal to come up with an excellent website. Whether you decide to do it or hire a web developer, the procedure for creating the website is similar. Here are five simple steps that will deliver the best website for you.

Know Your Needs

Every business or individual has unique website needs, and therefore different web design needs. You probably need a site where you can sell your wares. Another person may just need a platform to market products. For others, an interactive platform where clients will find information is what is needed. All these needs are unique. Write them down ensuring that you capture as much as possible.

Writing your needs down is important because it gives you an idea of what you will ask from the developer or as a developer, what you must produce. The features are targets that must be achieved. Without these feature, the assignment will be incomplete.

Research And Sketch

This step is usually assumed by both amateurs and specialists. Immediately after a client’s brief, development commences. In fact, some developers give websites that were designed for other clients. Research requires perusing through different designs, features, development platforms and procedures to get the best for this case. Sketch a draft of the site ensuring that it captures all the features required. The sketch helps you to be systematic in your development. It helps you to develop a path of action that will guide your design processes.

Choose A Domain Name

A domain is the address to your website. Just like a home, hospital, school, office, etc have addresses, a website must also have an address. These addresses or domain names are unique. The domain name is determined by your products. It must be easy to relate with for potential buyers. The domain should also be easy to find whenever someone makes a search.

The domain name should point at your product and brand name. Be consistent online and off line. A customer should not regard your business online and offline as different entities. You will need to buy the domain name, register it and have the website hosted.

Choose A Developer / Designer

Website Design is the actual process of laying the structure. It involves creating pages and determining what content goes where. You may settle for existing templates or assign the work to a developer who begins coding from the bottom. Fresh coding gives you greater flexibility but is time and resource intensive. Using a template allows you to tap into existing blog platforms.

Include Site Content

A website is supposed to provide information on products or services. Once it has been built, it is time to fill the pages with content. Include information about the company, products and services and how to contact the seller. You may link with financial institutions, social media, other partners, etc.

Designing a website should always be guided by needs. Hire a professional web designer who will guarantee a functional and high quality site. When the site is set up, content will keep visitors returning.