Unlimited Australian Web Hosting Explained

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Unlimited Australian Web Hosting

Unlimited web hosting is a must If, a company is operating  a business website and they plan to grow their sales,  therefore they may find the unlimited web hosting in Australia as a great option.

When we speak of unlimited web hosting, it means unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited sub-domains/unlimited parked domains, unlimited data usage and much more along with 24/7/365 Australian support.

If your website is generating a lot of traffic and your online presence  is growing than the last thing you want is your website to show an error massage.  “Bandwidth Limit Reached/Exceeded” when this happens and you contact your service provider 99% of the time they will try to sell you a unlimited hosting plan which in fact at the end will cost you more money and headache.

To save yourself from the worries of exceeding limits and being unable to speak to a support team based in Australia is extremely crucial to the success or failure your business.

Right now, American web hosting providers are trying to lure Australian customers by offering cheaper web hosting deals.

However their support and servers may also be located in America. So what does this mean for the Australian consumer, to put it simply, if the name-server (where the website and emails are physically stored) is located anywhere outside the country than the search engines typically ignore this website even though it is an Australian business serving Australian clientele.

On top of this when there is a small problem you cannot simply pick up the phone and call at any time so these are the important things we all need to think about.

Reduced Time, Faster Speeds

One of the primary and most critical concerns when it comes to unlimited web hosting service is server downtime issue. But, you must remember that it is impossible for hosting companies to promise 100 percent uptime guarantee.

The best and most reliable web hosting Australian company will ensure that your site will be up and running at least 99 percent of the time. Having your website hosted by different web hosting companies may lead to increased downtime.

When there are, multiple websites hosted on one reliable web server, it translates to just 0.1 percent or less chances of server downtime. If there is less downtime, it means more sale opportunities for your business.

When we send a letter within Australia it generally takes around 2 to 3 days for the same state, if it is a different state than it can take up to 7 days, if it’s overseas probably around 10 – 14 days.

Online information is similar to this (email etc. is an exception) because even information needs to travel, transmit and receive.  Further the destination is, then more time it will take to travel therefore creating what it’s called latency.  Latency is the time it takes for the webpage to load on your browser put simply.

Some webpages may take upwards of  8-15 seconds because of either slow server speeds or remotely located name servers (overseas).

According to the latest Google Research %53 of mobile users abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load, so this means you have automatically lost %53 of your potential buyers because of your page speed.

Cheaper Cost

A common misconception among many people today  is of the view that cheaper is better. This is a myth in today’s world because you get what you pay for. off course we all need to shop around for that bargain however one must remember,  if it is too good to be true than most likely it is.

Web Hosting falls onto this misconception, reason being when consumers see prices at $1.95 per month they jump on it. Little they know this is a American company and all their support is based in America, and all services are limited, so I humbly request everyone to do their own research and choose a local company and help the local economy.

From my extensive research in this field even some Large size corporate Australian companies are outsourcing their services to Philippines and America, yet keeping their prices the same and maximizing on their profits, this is not the way to do business if we want to help grow our Country and Economy.

With the rapid and continuous development and growth of Australian web hosting industry, an increasing number of web hosting companies now offer unlimited web hosting plans like ServerPeak which are of great value for customers.

These unlimited plans have risen in popularity basically because they offer an extensive array of possibilities for webmasters at affordable prices. If you want to enjoy these benefits and more, now is the perfect time to register for an unlimited web hosting plan