Creating Awesome WordPress Websites

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Creating Awesome WordPress Websites

By using WordPress, you don’t have to be an expert website developer to create awesome WordPress websites. WordPress has all of the tools you need to create the website you want.

Steps in Creating WordPress Websites

When creating awesome WordPress websites, the first step you will encounter is choosing the right domain name and a suitable web hosting package. These two steps are very important, in fact critical.

“Your domain name needs to be something original and it needs to be memorable.”

It might take a couple of tries to find something that isn’t already taken, but once you have the perfect domain name, you’ll know it’s the right one.

Hosting packages are also important. There are several factors to consider with this including pricing, options and customer service.

Once all the administrative responsibilities are taken care of, you can now start designing your website, firstly you start by choosing a theme. There are a 1000’s of free WordPress themes for you to choose from as well as some which you can purchase.

Choosing a WordPress Website Theme

The most important part of choosing a theme is to make sure it fits you or your brand to a tee. Consider every element including colors, fonts, and layouts. Once you have a theme that fits, you can start customizing your website basics.

One of the best things about WordPress is all of the customization widgets available to add to your website. These widgets can nearly anything to your website. There are widgets for photo galleries and interactive photos as well as some that help with behind the scenes functions like analytic and spam.

Akismet helps filter out spam comments and Gravatar can help an icon be associated with your website and email address. There are also dozens of widgets that you can enable to help you keep track of your website’s analytic which is very important in creating and awesome WordPress website.

Once you have the basics ironed out, you can go on to setting up the essential pages to your website. Essential pages include your home, about, and contact pages. Another essential page that you may need to include depending on your website goals is a products or services page. After you create these and add all the information, you can go on to create extra pages such as a blog.

While you are creating these pages, it is important to keep SEO optimisation in mind. This helps your awesome WordPress website get found on search engines.

There are various techniques that boost your website’s SEO such as having a proper sitemap including industry specific keywords in various places throughout your website.

Creating awesome WordPress websites is easier than you think when you get down to it. WordPress gives you all the tools you need, all you have to do is provide the creativity!